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Health Education


The Riverside County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) program provides presentations about lead poisoning to the general community, schools, parent groups, healthcare providers, pregnant women, and others interested in learning more about lead. Presentations are available in both English and Spanish. Educational materials The CLPPP provides free educational materials about lead poisoning, including topics such as sources of lead, reducing the risk of lead poisoning, pregnancy, and nutrition. These materials are available upon request. Materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Health Fairs

Riverside County CLPPP staff participates in a number of health fairs designed to promote residents' best health and well-being. This is often done in collaboration with our valued partners and provides an opportunity for staff to educate families about the dangers and sources of lead and how and where to get tested.

Case Management


Riverside County CLPPP provides follow-up on children with elevated lead levels. Families are provided with education and advice about lead poisoning and children are monitored to be sure that necessary re-testing is performed and that blood lead levels decrease.

Riverside County: Management Guidelines for Childhood Lead Poisoning 2016

Home visits

Riverside County CLPPP staff also visits the homes of those children who have lead levels above 20 micrograms per deciliter (ug/dl) or two blood lead results above 15 ug/dl., at least 30 days apart. Those children will be offered free testing of their home for sources of lead exposure, including paint, dust, soil and water. Our public health nurse will look for sources of lead in the home and educate parents on removing that source so that the children are no longer exposed to lead. Follow-up is also provided for these children.


Resources / Events