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Lead Quiz

Test your knowledge about lead
Take this fun and easy quiz to find out how much you know about lead.
(Check to see if your answers are right at the end of the quiz)

1. Check all of the items that may contain lead. 
a.) Car battery
b.) Pencil 
c.) Crystal 
d.) Pottery

2. Check all of the ways that people can get lead poisoning. 
a.) Scraping lead paint off of a wall
b.) Chewing pencils
c.) Taking some home remedies, like azarcon or greta
d.) Eating food stored in lead-glazed pottery

3. You can tell by looking at a child that he or she has lead poisoning.
True  or False

4. Eating foods that have a lot of calcium, iron or Vitamin C can help prevent lead poisoning.
True  or False
5. At what age(s) should your child be tested for lead? Check all that apply. 

a.) 6 months
b.) 1 year
c.) 2 years
d.) 3 through 5 years, if they have not had a lead test
e.) At any age, if at risk

6. Some imported candy may contain lead.
True  or False
7. Some household keys made out of brass and nickel-silver contain lead.
True  or False

1. a,c,d  2. a,c,d  3.  4. T 5. b,c,d,e   6. T  7. T
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